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Liberal Jokes:
John Howard Goes To Heaven

    The Prime Minister John Howard died in office. The nation was mourning.

    Shortly afterwards, Mr Howard arrived at the Gates of Heaven where a man arried and spoke to him.

    "Mr Howard, you should have no trouble passing through these Gates."

    "Great" said Mr Howard.

    "Well, there is one procedure we must carry through, and that is I must ask you if there is anything you need to confess, which you feel makes you undeserving."

    "Well, I have sometimes, snuck out of important meeting to watch the Great Australian Cricket team, and one time, I left a meeting with important USA Government officals to watch the US Open Tennis finish."

    "...and anything else?"

    "In 1983, as Treasurer, I had left the Federal Government deficit in the Billions!"

    "Ha Ha. Well, I doubt these are really much to worry about, there is no problem at all, please pass right through."

    "Well thank you St Peter, thank you a lot."

    "No problems, John. And by the way, I am not St Peter, I am St George. Peter is on a smoko."

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