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Recommended Reading

  • Costner, B. (1994) For Better or For Worse: The Federal Coalition

  • Hall, R. (1978) The Real John Kerr

  • Hall, R. and Iremonger, J. (1976) The Makers and the Breakers

  • Harris, M. and Dutton, G. (1971) Sir Henry, Bjelke, Don Baby and Friends

  • Henderson, G. (1994) Menzies Child: The Liberal Party of Australia 1944-1994

  • Horne, Donald (1981) Winner Take All

  • Horsfall, J.C. (1974) The Liberal Era

  • Jaensch, D. (1994) The Liberals

  • Joske, Sir Percy (1978) Sir Robert Menzies: 1894-1978 - a new informal memoir

  • Kelly, P. (1976) The Unmaking of Gough

  • Lloyd, C. and Clark, A. (1976) Kerr's King Hit!

  • Menzies, R.G. (1967) Afternoon Light

  • Menzies, R.G. (1969) The Measue of the years

  • Puplick, C. (1994) Is the Party Over? The future of the Liberals

  • Puplick, C.J. and Southey, C.J. (1980) Liberal Thinking

  • Reid, Alan (1969) The Power Struggle: the classic account of how the Liberals chose a leader

  • Robinson, Ray. (1966) The Wit of Sir Robert Menzies

  • Schneider, R. (1981) The Colt from Kooyong: Andrew Peacock

  • Schneider, R. (1980) War without blood: Malcolm Fraser in Power

  • Simms, M. (1982) A Liberal Nation: The Liberal Party and Australian Politics

  • Tiver, P.G. (1978) The Liberal Party: Principles and Performance

  • West, Katherine (1968) The Australian Liberal Paty

  • White, D.M. (1974) The Philosophy of the Australian Liberal Party

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