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Liberal Jokes:
Wit of Sir Robert Menzies

    Interjector: "Wotcha gonna do about 'ousing?"
    Sir Robert Menzies: "Put an 'h' in front of it."

    In a election time public meeting in Geelong, a man kept interjecting from the back of the hall.

    "I did not catch your words, sir, if indeed, they were words."

    A noisy meeting of coalminers in Wonthaggi hall was settling down, when someone from the front row yelled out:

    "Tell us all you know, Bob - it won't take long!"

    The meeting erupted.

    Menzies looked at the main and said:

    "I will tell you everything we both know - it won't take any longer."

    After many interuptions from a meeting in Sydney Town Hall from a woman:

    "Madam, I'm sure your husband is very glad you are here today."

    In a noisy Rockhampton meeting, a Queenslander yelled out: "SHUT UP!"

    Menzies replied: "This is probably a great day in your life. You'll be able to toddle around among your friends and say: I remember the day I told Menzies to shut up."

    To interjectors at a Brisbane meeting:

    "Oh now, don't knock ff 'Pig-iron Bob' and start calling me Uranium Bob. Its much too long a word - and you'll never get it on a brick wall.

    To Liberal rally in 1946:

    "One thing about bureaucrats is that they never swallow their young. Leave them alone and you'll find them increasing every year.

    "Never pay attention to anonymous letters...unles you get a few thousand on the same subject."

    On being asked for his autograph at Eastern Suburbs Returned Serviceman's Club, Sydney:

    "I wonder if ten Menzies will be worth on Bradman."

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